Hey. This is a chiropractic student blog, so let’s talk about what we do as chiropractic students… My hope is that a pre-chiropractic student, or a student who is considering becoming a doctor of chiropractic will use this as a reference for daily life.

For us, the writers of this blog, it’s third quarter, after this I’ll be a quarter of the way through. Like med school, it’s 4 years! WOW! Also like med school, we are inundated with basic sciences. All of it is oriented around how the human body works.

The classes we take include

  • Gross Anatomy.


yeah, we use REAL CADAVERS!


  • Human Development


(see previous post)

  • Neuroanatomy




  • Physiology




  • Adjusting


ooo.. the “meat and potatoes”


  • Philosophy of Chiropractic


Do we agree with BJ Palmer? Depends on the school you go to… (maybe we’ll talk about this in another post)


  • Radiographic Anatomy




So, it’s a hefty load. It’s a lot of studying. Everyone claims they have “no time.”

We sit in class up to 10 hours per day… we need lots of pens to keep note-taking exciting…Image

sometimes, I get a little crazy…



We will answer any question you have about these experiences. We felt like entering chiropractic school was a mysterious endeavor… We’re here to de-mystify this process.


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