Live in the Sun

You have the choice.


“All who choose to live in the sun will never exist in the shade.”

I found this quote thumb-tacked to a message board in a hostel in a mountain town in Slovakia a couple years ago. Interesting wisdom can be found in interesting places.


Giants Win The Superbowl!

The title is

a) A true statement

b) Totally irrelevant

c) Something I am excited about


D) A reason I did very little studying today.

The title is irrelevant to this post, and this post is irrelevant to this blog. Maybe I’m just “Hands free, care free.”

This weekend I came in contact with many dogs. I don’t know what goes on inside of a dog’s head, but it is probably simple. I am guessing that they have some concern about getting their basic needs of food, shelter, and water. If those needs are met, then they probably think about getting attention. They love being petted and rubbed- all it takes to become a dog’s friend is a friendly pat, a nice little scratch behind the ears, or a hearty belly rub. A friendly touch is enough to make the tail wag and brighten the creature’s day. Dogs thank us for giving them attention in the only way they know how- a big wet kiss. It seems like they are so happy just to be hanging out with some friends, old or new, it doesn’t matter. They’re super chill, even though those human-friends come up to them and say funny things to them in weird voices, like this (in a strangely pitched, cooing, i-am-talking-to-a-dog voice): “You’re a good boy! Oh yes you are! Who’s a good boy? You’re such a good boy little puppy.” The pups are plain happy and grateful that someone loves them, and they return the favor and love you back. It’s so simple and so beautiful!

Here’s the cutest puppy ever, he lives in Miami


The take home is: Simplicity is a good thing. Touch is a good thing. We should thank others more. Learn from A, BCD Puppies. LMNO Puppies. OSAR! CMPN?!

Bathroom Quanderies

Here is something to ponder next time you use the restroom.  Lately it’s all I can think about when I have to take a pit stop throughout my day.  Your body is constantly breaking molecules down and rebuilding them.  This is a normal part of cellular function.  Red blood cells are no different.  The main function of red blood cells is to circulate oxygen throughout the body.  This is possible because red blood cells contain hemoglobin.  Bilirubin is the result of the catabolism of old hemoglobin molecules in the body.  Bilirubin undergoes several transformations as it travels from the blood to the liver and eventually is disposed of via the kidney or intestine.  In the intestine conjugated bilirubin undergoes a tranformation to form urobilinogen.  This is oxidized to stercobilin which is responsible for the brown pigment in feces.  Around 10 percent of urobilinogen is reabsorbed and ends up going to the kidneys where it is expelled as urbilin.  This is what causes the amber color in urine.  The image below is a nice flow chart of these events.  It was taken from

Now, every time I use the restroom I end up analyzing the color of my waste products.  It makes me think, “What is bilirubin up to now?”

“The Grade”

We’re heading spiraling towards midterm time, which really doesn’t stop until finals. AMIRIGHT?!

On Friday after our first midterm exam and basically everyday for the rest of the quarter, we will once again frequent the ugly, evil corkboard, so-called, “The Grade” board. It is a place of sorrow, mourning, terror, delight, and now introducing:

confusion & humor!!


“Hm, how about that” -Grade Board Passerby

Fun is good.

“Fun is good” -Dr. Seuss.

Oh, Seuss, silly goose.

“The goose will get you loose!!” -L. Nguyen

Oh, Leena, Silly Girl.

“My girl. Talkin’ bout My girl” -The Temptations

Reminding me I got sunshine on a cloudy day.

(aka Vitamin D?)

anyway, back to FUN. the reason for this post….
We chiropractic students are in graduate/professional/full-time school. It’s a long day, with class starting at 7:30 and sometimes not ending until 5:40, not including study time. Some days we only have a lunch break to break up class after class after class. All this academia can drive a person wonky. How does one deal with all the i.n.f.o.m.a.t.i.o.n. and l.a.b.s. and e.x.a.m.s. ???
simply have a little fun.

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playing with a bouncy ball in the cafeteria, smiling. happiness. ❤ we love balls

Sexy Back Wednesday

rock climbing requires upper body strength & lots of core strength. the best climbers have rippling back muscles- bulging lats, delts, traps, teres major, etc etc etc go get an anatomy atlas- if it’s a muscle in your back, you are using it when you’re climbing.

Sexy Back Wednesday. FEAST UR EYES (o_0)

A Chiropractic Adventure Blog

Some might say that this is where the journey begins. What journey you might ask? Great
question! This is a very specific journey for a very specific person. The adventure is one of a
Chiropractic nature, and if all goes as planned it will continuously blow our minds. What might
one encounter in a mind blowing Chiropractic blog? Glad you asked. The first thing that will
most certainly be a central theme will be the hopeless and hopelessly hopeful ramblings of three
of the fields newest critics/supporters. Confused? Hopeless and hopelessly hopeful? Critics
and supporters? How can this be? Well aren’t we all a mixed bag? I know I am, and in my
head criticism is a form of support. Point being no quandaries or opinions are out of order in this

Hopefully what comes of this blog is inspired dialogue, education, an outlet for fun, the ability
to dork out about all things chiropractic, and a reminder of how naïve we once were. Today for
example I wrote the following definition about chiropractic:

Throughout my studies I have compiled my own thoughts about what I believe
Chiropractic to be. Chiropractic is the study and treatment of issues relating to the
musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. This is part of the definition provided
by the American Chiropractic Association. Chiropractic works under a theory of
looking at a patient as a whole person and not as the sum of their symptoms. This way,
chiropractors are in a position to improve the overall health and wellness of their patients.
It also practices conservative medicine with the belief that the body has the ability to heal
itself. Manipulative therapies are an integral part of Chiropractic, but based on the many
tools at their disposal chiropractors are able to fulfill the role of a primary care physician.
Chiropractic is the future of preventative and accessible health care.

I am already feeling naïve when I read the hope in this young man’s voice. Maybe when I
lose my way I will one day return to this post and be re-inspired by everything I once thought
chiropractic could be.

So, welcome. Please watch us discover Chiropractic, grow as humans, and join us in our
absurdities. I hope you will enjoy our narrative.

Things to look forward to:

Sexy Back Wednesday: Help get you through hump day
Vertebral Disc Jockey Fridays


Today someone felt pain. Yes, it’s sad but it is true! Someone was sad. Someone cried. It is conceivable that many people cried today! Babies, mostly. But other people too, grown up people. All in pain.

Someone was feeling hurt today. Probably a lot of people felt hurt, by someone or something. A kid fell off his bike somewhere. Yowch!!! A working woman felt horrible stomach pain. She missed work and sat on her sofa. A teenager felt depressed and watched MTV after school instead of running with the track team. A man couldn’t move his arm because he hurt his shoulder moving boxes. Many someones, in many different somewheres, were in pain. Maybe physical pain. Perhaps emotional pain too.


Those crying, hurt people needed help. Who was there to help them??

Well… I hope someone was. I hope those people sought someone out to help them.

Someday, I want to be that person who helps those people… I want to help people feel better.
I guess this brings me to what this blog is all about. The writers of this blog are in chiropractic school, learning about bodies, in and out- how they work, how they move, and how they mess up. We want to fix the mess-ups, and keep the good stuff doing good stuff. This blog will chronicle this educational adventure. Hopefully, in 3 years, We will be writing about how we helped someone who was feeling sick or hurt to feel better and healthy


I’m warning you now: It’s going to be fun & silly. Probably won’t always serious. And the grammar is going to suck!