Wednesday Is Gonna School You


Marilyn Will Make It Better

I know.  I know.  Two sexy back Wednesdays have come and gone with no sexy backs to get you through your hump day.  What did you do?   You must have felt so alone, abandoned by us here at Joint Play.  I can imagine the horror you must have felt when you realized that another Sexy Back Wednesday had come and gone with no sexy back.  So much coffee must have been consumed to get you through the last two Wednesdays.  We really feel like we dropped the ball, and  a ll of us here at Joint Play would like to formally apologize for not fulfilling our promises and living up to your expectations.  Hopefully this iconic back will make up for it.  Hopefully we can slowly regain your trust, and you will one day again realize that we are here for you.  We are here to get you through your Wednesday.

Sexy Back Wednesday

rock climbing requires upper body strength & lots of core strength. the best climbers have rippling back muscles- bulging lats, delts, traps, teres major, etc etc etc go get an anatomy atlas- if it’s a muscle in your back, you are using it when you’re climbing.

Sexy Back Wednesday. FEAST UR EYES (o_0)